A Simpler, More Responsible Alternative.

Leona's Manifesto: To inspire creativity and fun! For all to know what goes into the products that are lathered on the skin. To inspire simplicity, transparency, and change. 

Leona Made is for the curious - minded, creative soul who wants the best of life - natural, pure ingredients that are organic, fair trade, and environmentally responsible. Leona's products contains only the best organic and all natural products. Each ingredient was selected for its natural skincare properties, and sourced from local farms where possible. There are no parabens or petroleum in any product. 

Farm to Retail:

Leona's Ingredients are sourced using the triple bottom line value system. The ingredients come from family farms and fair trade coops. We select suppliers who support ethical business practices. At Leona Made, we are constantly on the search for partnerships with local farms to support small businesses, and bring their products to the forefront. We believe in synergistic partnerships, that support all natural and organic practices, which are good for the environment, and for our personal health. After all, everything we put on our skin, gets absorbed into our blood stream. If you are a farm interested in partnering with Leona Made, please email us at info@leonamade.com

Here are a few farm photos taken from our small business partners: 



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